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* Seungmin Lee and Taewon Ban, and Howon Lee, "Network-Wide Energy Efficiency Maximization in UAV-Aided IoT Networks: Quasi-Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach," IEEE Internet of Things Journal (revised & resubmitted) - JCR Top 3%

* Yerin Lee, Suhyeon Lim, Heejung Yu, Howon Lee, and Mohamed-Slim Alouini, "Distributed DDQN-Based Optimization of Aerial IAB Networks Enabled by Tethered UAVs," IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (under revision) - JCR Top 3%

* Waqas Khalid, Alexandros-A. A. Boulogeorgos, Trinh Van Chien, Junse Lee, Howon Lee, and Heejung Yu, "Optimal Operation of Active RIS-Aided Wireless Powered Communications in IoT Networks," IEEE Internet of Things Journal (revised & resubmitted) - JCR Top 3%

* Young Hoon Kim, Jae Ha Ahn, Youngbin You, Min Lee, Howon Lee, and Heejung Yu, "Optimization of Transmit Power and Clear Channel Assessment Threshold for Dense Wi-Fi Networks: A Distributed Reinforcement Learning Approach," Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (submitted) - JCR Top 6%

* K. Lee and H. Lee, "Three-Dimensional Trajectory and Pickup Optimization for Cost-Effective Multi-UAV-Assisted Delivery," IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (submitted) - JCR Top 3%

* C. Lee, I. Bang, T. Kim, H. Lee, B. C. Jung, and S. H. Chae, "Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Handover Strategy for LEO Satellite Networks," IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (in preparation for ...)

* Kakyeom Jeon, Bang Chul Jung, Youngil Jeon, Junghyun Seo, and Howon Lee, "Cooperative Jamming for Secure Air-Ground Integrated Networks: Hierarchical Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach," (in preparation for IEEE Internet of Things Journal)

* Jimin Jeon, Heejung Yu, and Howon Lee, "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Laser-Charged Multi-UAV Wireless Networks," (in preparation IEEE Internet of Things Journal)

* Hayoung Seong, Taewook Kim, Ikkyun Kim, and Howon Lee, "Low-Complexity Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Maximizing Robustness and Covertness in Wireless Covert Communications," (in preparation for IEEE Wireless Communications Letters)

* Yerin Lee, Bang Chul Jung, and Howon Lee, "Optimal Excess Width and Transmit Power Control based on Hierarchical Q-learning for Barrage Relay Networks," (in preparation for ...)

* Hyebin Cho, In-Ho Lee, and Howon Lee, "Transfer learning-aided DQN for Energy Efficiency Maximization in LEO Satellite Networks," (in preparation for ...)

* Kakyeom Jeon and Howon Lee, "Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Integrated Access and Backhaul-Enabled Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks," (in preparation)

* Ahrim Cho, Yerin Lee, Suhyeon Lim, and Howon Lee, "Multi-user Association Based Centralized Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Resource Allocation in 3D Cellular Networks," (in preparation)

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Domestic Conference Papers

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1. Uichin Lee, Howon Lee, Bang Chul Jung, and Junhwa Song, "Emerging Ubiquitous Knowledge Services: From Mobile Sensing to Ubiquitous Crowdsourcing and Beyond," Knowledge Service Engineering Handbook, CRC, May 2012. 

2. Howon Lee, et al., "5G New Wave - Towards Future Societies in the 2020S," 5G Forum, Mar. 2015

3. Howon Lee, et al., "5G Service Roadmap 2022," 5G Forum, Mar. 2016